Brooklyn cemetery
The cemetery of Brooklyn Heights. It is accessible through a dirt path from Fulton Street. There is a great view to a nearby hamlet and the East River.

Jerrod Wilson used to visit it occasionally as his parents were buried there.


Name Date Age Notes
Caleb Fletcher17/747Drowned in the Scungamug River
Harry Hartwig 20+Born in New Haven
Joanna 70Should be the wife of Jackson Porter
Benjamin Malone 32Killed by a wild horse
Capt. Thomas Stetson28/11/182048+Former captain, became a farmer but was killed by a fallen tree.
Humphrey York1790-1839
Tara Knowles5/5/183963
Elizabeth Norwood A widow
Ima Tyler3/12/1782-20/2/1827 Used to talk a lot
Daniel Riley2/2/182952
Bathsheba James6/7/183036, 26 daysWife of Capt. William James, killed by lightning.
Clay J. Wright21/1/1829
Sarah Prudden27/7/178880Her death made a happier world.
Benjamin Rowe, Esq. Seren, peaceful and virtuous.
Lucina Wilcox7/5/180020Died unmarried
Martha Wilson183931Mother of Jerrod Wilson
Marshall Wilson183933Father of Jerrod Wilson
William Deering193849
Charles Henry Gilson18/4/18456:3:20Son of Xenophon Gilson and Mary Gilson. Killed by a stagecoach
Samuel Barns27/3/17947 monthsSon of Samuel and Welthy Barns. Killed by a scald from a tea pot.
Della S. Angel20/7/184046:3:21
Unnamed person Only to those who knew him matters who is buried there.
Elvira Wood2/11/1837 The wood of her coffin is better than herself
Augustus R. Huge
Mary Lefavour179774
Dwight Hosokins
Constance Marie Bellum 1 dayDaughter of Jonathan Bellum and Luella C. Bellum
Norma Sue Bellum 1 dayDaughter of Jonathan Bellum and Luella C. Bellum
Mary Ann Bellum 1 dayDaughter of Jonathan Bellum and Luella C. Bellum
Bryan James Bellum 3 daysOnly son of Jonathan Bellum and Luella C. Bellum
Luella C. Bellum183832Died while attempting to give life
Josh Young19/7/1802-29/9/1839 37 years of misery
Colin MacKenzie23/6/183961A Scottish who became a ctizen of the US
Jeremah Thorne23/4/1837
Jarrett Dorman A good neighbor, husband, father and friend
Franklin D. Jordan10/8/1771-1/9/1831
Samuel Severe1778-1825
Wanda Shadow6/11/1827 Had 13 children, 109 grandchildren, 281 great grandchildren and 56 great great grandchildren.

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