Adventure GamersEdit

1.5 stars out of 5

The Good:High quality music recording; branching modes of cross-country transportation; the gold rush of ‘49 is a fun backdrop; uhhh…

The Bad:Dated looking graphics; terrible voice acting; bare-bones plot; no real puzzles; Sierra’s infamous dead ends left intact.

Our Verdict:If you’re a hardcore fan of the Gold Rush! original, there might be some value in picking up Anniversary on sale. If you’re not, don’t waste your hard-earned riches.

Just AdventureEdit

Final Grade: B-

+ Lots of replay value with three different travel paths to California

+ Good music, although used minimally

- Bland graphics and animation

- Priced higher than many new adventure games


Score 5 out of 10.

Unfortunately, here it is mediocrity. The redesigns areas can show much better than the original, but even so, the Gold Rush Anniversary visually look like it came out in the late 90s and not in the year 2014. You could say that even Indie adventures a person have better results today. These areas indicate "dry", amorphous and essentially inanimate while the 3D models of the characters are as wooden puppets, abandoned in space. Equally amateur is the quality of voice acting that has been added in the title, with the voices of the secondary characters are at best moderate and the voice of the protagonist as bad, making this the Sadwick from Whispered World sound oskariki. Almost unexpectedly, the technical field title expiated by his music, giving little but beautiful pieces American old country music, in harmony with the history and environment of the game.

In general, the Gold Rush! Anniversary is not a bad game. She has its good moments, has its identity and specificity, and a symbolic or, even, a low- price, all these can be seated in the best player's stomach. But when you have the nerve to ask 30 or 35 euros for this title, money not asking for brand new titles with a huge budget, we are sorry but we can not recommend it to someone. This is an amateur, fanmade effort, which under other circumstances would be given free or 4-5 euros. But when presented with full price, place it on the market with other criteria. And when all this year's adventure is cheaper than this, there is hardly a reason to fall into the trap.


Grade: C

As I said, I didn’t play the original but a quick google and it’s clear the graphics have been much upgraded, not to 2014 standard but to a far more modern level. Point and click and speech are new additions, although you can play using the original parser control (eg “take book” etc), and the score is apparently the same, but doesn’t sound like I expect it did in 1988. I did find it loud and overwhelming at times, and I thought the voice acting was passable at best. There is ambient sound as well.

Hooked GamersEdit 5.7 out of 10

The game is nothing special visually, but it works within the confines of the source material... On its original release in 1988, Gold Rush! would’ve been an impressive achievement. By today’s standards, there’s nothing here that would attract someone new to the remake. Unless you have a serious interest in the 19th century California gold rush, and the lives of people who flocked there to seek their fortune, you’re better off saving your own fortune for something else. Maybe you loved the original and want to see what the past couple of decades has done for it. I’d advise you to leave your fond memories as they are.


Provides a good education of the period, scratches an old school adventure itch


Dated presentation, odd voice acting, a lot of waiting around



Good: Voice overs add an extra layer of immersion.

Bad: toggling between text based and point and click can become cumbersome.

If you’ve played Gold Rush Classic, then you’ll be surprised to see what the creators have done with the graphics. The pixel art has been replaced by crisp and clear 3D modeling. The animations are fluid and the colour palette is more vibrant.

Adventure CornerEdit 54 out of 100

Thus, remains of the new edition nor the graphic, which is offered in resolutions 1280x720, 1366x768 and 1600x900. That Jerrod and his mule, which had on several occasions to serve as a bad example, mutate in new screens until the next animation to a figure or the Jerrod just can pass through the poor animal - about you can certainly ignore. Clippingfehler there is finally also in recent productions million. That 'Gold Rush! Anniversary 'visually with other titles such as' can not keep up Book of Unwritten Tales ',' Deponia 'or the' Geheimakte' title, the developers had already established with a very tight budget. Would have a little more effort you then but they may give with the backgrounds. If you look at individual areas a little longer falls on namely, that they were partially mirrored or copied side by side. But there can be overlooked, if one has firstonce embedded on the graphics. The counts namely despite the rather simple animations of the highlights of 'Gold Rush! Anniversary '- in addition to the speech output.

Already at the 'Gabriel Knight' remake, the question arose whether reprints make sense if they do not sufficiently improve the original, to keep up with current titles can. With 'Gold Rush! Anniversary 'is now before another such case. Sure impasses were defused and Jerrod hero dies not so often. Nevertheless, one must blame the game is that it does not include many of the obvious plot holes. Every now and then a little more evidence would be (especially when panning for gold) have been important. Otherwise, the title seems unfinished: the new point-and-click control is not working properly and ensures that dead ends that can be navigated only by changing the text entry. Every now and then you end up in the wrong screen. Texts were not or mistranslated. The fact that minute-long cutscenes accompanied with only a few seconds long music snippets, can also shine in a good light the match. Like the fact that previously repeatedly promised features (eg German language edition) have been left out without comment. Nevertheless, you can tell by the game that it has the developers at heart. Unfortunately, that is not everything, and should apply to pretty much any other game also. So is' Gold Rush! Anniversary 'more for fans who already liked the classics or want to learn about the history, without having to do that to even heavier stock.


Rejuvenating and Speech

Gold Rush! Anniversary scored an improved soundtrack, the graphics were reprogrammed and voiced the characters. The work in the music is quite well, visually, unfortunately makes the game but not very much. The image details and backgrounds are indeed designed in detail and lovingly, but the certain lacks luster. One can see the titles of its origin in the remake version. Connoisseurs and lovers of the original will be disturbed at this point of criticism but little. The voice of the game is also a rather double-edged sword that hangs over the head of our main character. Many of the speakers seem unmotivated or miscast, while others bring the vibe of the old America's over pretty good. All in all, it is Gold Rush! Anniversary is a good remake of a good adventure classic. It reinvents the wheel is not new and is trying not to change the game by innovations, but brings enough modernity with it, to make it comfortable to play and presentable enough in this day and age.

Conclusion: The entire game seems to be a love letter to the original. Nothing has been changed, which has then already works and connoisseurs can remake probably subdue blind. Newcomers to the genre or players who will have nothing with the original the hat but might want to be blind. Gold Rush! Anniversary invents the wheel is not new, but nostalgic offers the possibility a slightly nicer version of their Gold Rush !, to experience.


Pros The graphics and scenes are detailed and beautiful The gameplay is immersive and intriguing There is no shortage of challenges The app features actual historical sites and information The app features subtitles in German and English

Cons This one is only available on the iPad